An innovative ecosystem

Baby BNB is an ecosystem supported by holders who while they hold, they partake in the benefits and profits from several use cases that aim to revolutionize mass adoption in the space providing secure and smart projects for the masses that have partnered with the BABYBNB platform.


Earn BNB by holding Baby BNB, your participation fuels the ecosystem that is constantly launching products and creating value for the token holders.


We will bring all the best projects of the ecosystem to be swapped with Baby BNB in an attractive, user-friendly interface.

The charity market place

Our holders and visitors can trade physical goods around the world as well as digital goods. 

The launchpad

The launch pad is our star product. We believe that the crypto space can be so much better and solve real-life issues. 

The charity bridge

We are constantly curating and adding to our platform the world’s most efficient charities in their respective areas, no matter the size they can all access our framework.

support our cause


Our token holders help our organization make a difference for multiple children foundations around the world!

The power of our economics was designed in a smart way to provide enough resources to have certainty in achieving our ambitious business and social responsibility goals and our roadmap rollout.

core team



Our Founder is Jacob, a self thought solidity developer based in the Netherlands, he has been trading in the crypto space for many years now, a brilliant man with incredible ideas, he started project developments for almost two years now, beign babybnb his most ambitious project to date.




Serve as CMO & Public Speaker, I also direct the ethics and economical sustainability board of the BabyBNB ecosystem, I was born in Mexico, my background is an undergraduate degree on Political Science, post graduate degree in Public Policy and Economics for underdeveloped countries.


Mr K


Mr.K is the CFO, he was born in North Europe and he holds an MBA, he has been running very successful companies in several industries for the last 10 years, his best quality is his ability to create complex organizational structures of large teams, in a way evevating them to an artform.




Hélio is the CME, he was born in Brazil and is a cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2017, his background in an graduate degree on Financial Management and an MBA on Leadership and Innovation Management. He joined the project because he saw the perfect opportunity to use cryptocurrency in favor of the less fortunate and make a change in the world while improving the crypto space, his task is getting this message out there.




With more than 16 years working in advertising, film, design and different multimedia disciplines, He has developed internationally renowned projects, either as an internal part of the team or as a creative consultant, always seeking to perfect the sensory and creative experience that customers expect.

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